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Below is a listing of all courses available.  Each course requires a password to enter.  Passwords can be obtained through the Patreon Members Only posts at https://www.patreon.com/PolyamorySchool/posts



Welcome to Polyamory School

Congratulations! You've just started your journey into exploring the exciting world of Polyamory!

Polyamory as a word has been around for several decades, but the practice is as old as time.  In the modern world, polyamory has gotten a lot of new interest with news stories, reality TV shows, movie themes, and cable specials.

There are also thousands of dedicated podcasts, blogs, video channels, and discussion groups online dedicated to the topic of polyamory.

As a new student to Polyamory School, this short course will get you familiar with using this site and the system by which courses are laid out.

If you've not yet committed to becoming a student, you will get a chance to take some of our free courses to see if you would like to continue as a student.



This website is your main portal for viewing classes.  Each course is in its own section and set up as 8 classes meant to be taken at a pace of one per week.  The material on the website will guide you as the student through each lesson, including assignments at the end of the lesson.  Classes are not graded, and assignments are voluntary, but will help you get the most out of each course.

Required Reading

Most courses will have one or two books that are required reading.  Most of these are available in physical, digital, and audio formats.  The required reading will be geared towards the topics you will be covering in each course, with specific chapters pointed out in certain lesson plans.  Links to purchase any required reading are provided in each course.


Polyamory School Group on Facebook

All formal students of Polyamory School are automatically granted membership into the Polyamory School Facebook Group.  This is where you can talk to instructors and other students to ask questions, get help, and share assignment work and experiences.  Polyamory is very community centered, and if you are just starting out, this will be your first experience as a member of a polyamorous community.

External Resources

Many of the class videos and reading materials are provided as links to external content.  Many of these are published by Polyamory School, but some are to external content creators.  This allows students to sample a diverse variety of voices on each topic and helps them form their own opinions.  No external resource is ever used that requires any form of subscription or payment.




  • 100 Introduction to Nonmonogamy

Student Patrons Only

  • 101 Introduction to Polyamory
  • 201 Solo Polyamory
  • 202 Hierarchical and Nesting Polyamory
  • 203 Alternative Polyamory
  • 301 Communication and Consent
  • 302 Nurturing Compersion
  • 303 Managing Jealousy
  • 304 Safer Sex and STIs
  • 401 Online Dating